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Dom Sub Power Play & The BDSM Lifestyle

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Dom Sub Power Play & The BDSM Lifestyle:

3-hour comprehensive video course + negotiation worksheets + 1-hour bonus audio 

This 3-hour video course was developed in conjunction with Loveology University as part of the Power Play unit in their 300+ hour Love Coach (Relationship Coach + Master Sexpert) Certification program. Designed for both aspiring sex educators & coaches as well as those exploring kink with partners (or solo!), this Power Play course provides an extended look into D/s, playstyles, equipment, community, and more. What’s covered:  

  • Power Play Types & Kink Roles
  • Kink Psychology & The Science of BDSM
  • Consent Models & Negotiation 
  • Scene Building & Pacing
  • Play Style How-to & Safety: Sensory Deprivation, Sensation Play, Bondage, Impact Play, Edge Play & Psychological Kink
  • Gear, Toys, Furniture & Pervertibles
  • Discipline & Funishments
  • Aftercare, subdrop & domdrop, debrief
  • 24/7 D/s Dynamics & Contracts
  • Community: Munches, Classes, Parties, Dungeons
  • Leather Community, History & Traditions
  • Dating, Safety, Pro-BDSM & more

Please note, this is an a-la-carte class, and purchasing on Gumroad does not give you course hours, credit, certification, or enrollment in Loveology University. It also does not provide access to the other materials in the Power Play unit or any other part of the 300+ hour certification program. You can learn more about Loveology University’s Certification Programs HERE (code SUNNY5288 provides 60% off eligible courses).     

BONUS: Also included in this download is a 1-hour audio recording by Sunny Megatron dedicated to recognizing unhealthy patterns in D/s dynamics & kinky dating like grooming, coercive control, and emotional abuse. More about this bonus track:  

Adult grooming is often misunderstood — from what it looks like, to who is most vulnerable, what types of people groom, and why — most assume it can’t happen to them (or that they'd never do it to another). The fact is, grooming comes in many forms and can occur in any type of relationship – including BDSM dynamics. And because kink often involves power imbalances, out-of-bounds controlling behavior and grooming can be especially difficult to recognize in this context.

This audio introduces tools you can use to spot unhealthy power dynamics in BDSM and deconstruct preconceived notions of what manipulative abuse looks like, who can do it, and why. You’ll also learn:

  • How the six stages of grooming can apply to D/s
  • How to recognize coercive abuse in BDSM relationships
  • How pop culture kink stereotypes fuel grooming within BDSM
  • The end goal of the groomer’s behavior
  • How my breakable rules analysis can help you spot unhealthy kink & more

About Sunny Megatron

Sunny Megatron is an award-winning Certified Sexologist, BDSM & Certified Sexuality Educator, and media personality. She’s the host & executive producer of the Showtime original series, Sex with Sunny Megatron, co-hosts AASECT Award-winning American Sex Podcast and Open Deeply Podcast, and was 2021's XBIZ Sexpert of the Year. Currently, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of kink-focused Zipper Magazine.   

Known for her one-of-a-kind, build-your-own-adventure approach to sex, kink & relationships, Sunny coined the BDSM community catch-phrase, Kink is Customizable™. In her sell-out workshops, her unique brand of “edutainment” seamlessly combines her humorous teaching style, interactive exercises, and the latest sexuality research. Sunny’s passion is helping others overcome shame and find their power through play and pleasure. Currently, she’s working on her first book, “Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Adult Play.”

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3-Hour Video Course + Negotiation Worksheets + 1-Hour Bonus Audio 


Dom Sub Power Play & The BDSM Lifestyle

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